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Winter's Return is live!

Winter's Return by Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

Yes, Winter is back in Winter's Return (Winter Black Series: Book Ten)! I'm sure you want to get your hands on this book and find out what she's up to now, in her second season of adventures. Advance reviews are thrilled and I hope you will be too.

I won't keep you in suspense...

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Everything’s bigger—and deadlier—in Texas...

Today is the Official Release Day for Winter's Return (Winter Black Series: Book Ten) on Amazon!

You asked for more Winter Black. The question is...are you ready?

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Everything’s bigger—and deadlier—in Texas...

Finally free from the claustrophobic worry caused by her psychotic baby brother’s bloodthirsty reign, former Special Agent Winter Black—newly Mrs. Winter Black-Dalton—is ready for a fresh start in Austin, Texas. With her husband and former partner, Noah Dalton, at her side, she’s hoping to shed the skin of her past and return to hunting down criminals, but in a very different way...

Black Investigations is now open for business.

Winter’s first case as a P.I. is as bizarre as it is perplexing. When a wealthy playboy’s girlfriend disappears without a trace, everyone who knew her says she never existed at all. Winter’s new client swears she’s real and that someone wants him to believe he’s losing his mind.

But who would do that and why?

Winter’s gut says that her client is telling the truth. But the deeper she digs—and the higher the stakes become—she begins to wonder if Fitz is the next victim...or a murderer.

From the wickedly dark mind of Mary Stone comes a new season of mystery and suspense starting with Winter's Return. You asked for more Winter Black. The question is...are you ready?

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