Mary Stone - Winter's Peak: Winter Black Season Two (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 23)

Winter’s Peak is Live!

Happy Release Day!

Just in time for the unofficial beginning of summer… Winter is back! Winter Black, that is. 😜

Today is the official release day for Winter’s Peak (Winter Black Series Season Two: Book Five).

You can go to Amazon right now and grab your copy of Winter’s Peak. 

If you pre-ordered Winter’s Peak, it’s time to check your Kindle.

It’s lonely at the top. And deadly at the bottom.

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It’s lonely at the top. And deadly at the bottom.

Sexual harassment isn’t the type of case Private Investigator Winter Black usually takes. But it’s a welcome distraction from whoever’s been sending creepy, anonymous text messages to her phone and set up cameras to spy on her home and office. And after her new client reveals that one of her female coworkers hanged herself after fending off their boss’s sexual advances, Winter suspects there’s more to the story.

When another woman disappears, she’s certain.

Posing as an employee, Winter sets her sights on… Read More