Winter's ghost is live! 

Winter's Ghost by Mary Stone

Halloween comes early (sort of) in the Winter Black Series. Winter's Ghost is live and available on Amazon!

It is the fifth book in the Winter Black Series, and has all the thrills and chills you've come to expect.

Some ghosts still live and breathe...

Six months ago, on the night Winter Black and her fellow agents took down The Preacher, a mall massacre occurred.

Today, one of the gunmen responsible for taking fifteen innocent lives that night is killed—with a well-placed bullet fired from nearly a mile away. Clearly a professional, either military or law enforcement, the sniper leaves zero evidence, other than a note.

When more suspected rapists and murderers turn up dead, the killer’s pattern becomes clear: they’re acting as judge, jury, and executioner for a series of cases that were brushed off by the cops. How could a person not cheer a little? Until the spotlight is shone on one of the FBI’s own...

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