Author Mary Stone
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Winter's Black Christmas is live!

Winter's Black Christmas by Mary Stone

Jingle all the murder.

When FBI Special Agent Winter Black enters a luxurious Montana cabin two days before Christmas, she’s excited because all the people she loves will be joining her soon. Her joy is dashed when an unexpected blizzard hits the area, leaving her stranded and without any means of communication.

And she’s not alone.

Instead of her friends and family arriving, a momma cat shows up at the cabin’s door, begging for help. Braving the snow, Winter finds more than just the feline’s litter.

She finds a dead body.

With nowhere to run and thrust into a game of psychological warfare by a killer she can’t see, Winter’s hope for a bright and shiny Christmas turns into a fight for her life.

Winter’s Black Christmas, a special Winter Black Christmas Mystery by Mary Stone, is a reminder that both dreams and nightmares come from the same place...your mind.

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