Mary Stone - Winter Black Series Season 2

Everything’s bigger—and deadlier—in Texas…

Finally free from the claustrophobic worry caused by her psychotic baby brother’s bloodthirsty reign, former Special Agent Winter Black—newly Mrs. Winter Black-Dalton—is ready for a fresh start in Austin, Texas. With her husband and former partner, Noah Dalton, at her side, she’s hoping to shed the skin of her past and return to hunting down criminals, but in a very different way…

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Nice girls finish last. Bad girls finish dead.

When Private Detective Winter Black-Dalton receives a slew of messages from a mother desperate to protect her children after a traumatizing divorce, she takes the case without hesitation. Not only is it a welcome distraction from unpacking boxes, but Winter hopes to assuage the guilt still fusing her to her past.

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Is it lights out for Winter?

Once an FBI special agent famed for locking up serial killers, Winter Black now finds herself on the other side of the law. Who would have guessed she’d be working on behalf of a potential killer as a private investigator? Her new client is undoubtedly a corrupt businessman who has swindled millions, but is he responsible for the chilling electrocutions of three people? Winter doesn’t think so.

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Swipe right for love. Swipe left for death.

In the aftermath of another harrowing case, FBI agent turned private investigator Winter Black is battling personal demons: guilt, her grandmother’s failing health, a strained alliance with a key detective, and the eerie knowledge that someone has been spying on her family. Amid these trials, Winter’s newest case emerges as a rare glimpse of normalcy, offering a seemingly simple investigation far removed from the deadly threats that have marked her recent past.

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It’s lonely at the top. And deadly at the bottom.

Sexual harassment isn’t the type of case Private Investigator Winter Black usually takes. But it’s a welcome distraction from whoever’s been sending creepy, anonymous text messages to her phone and set up cameras to spy on her home and office. And after her new client reveals that one of her female coworkers hanged herself after fending off their boss’s sexual advances, Winter suspects there’s more to the story.

When another woman disappears, she’s certain.

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