Mary Stone - End of Justice (A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Series Book 10)

The End of Justice is Live!

Hello, dear readers, 

Well, the time has come to see how it all ends. Of course, I’m a little sad but oh, how I did this character justice. So, for that, I’m thrilled, proud, and excited! 🦚️ 🦚️ 🦚️

I sure you will be too. ❤️️

Yes, it’s time to dive into The End of Justice (A Villain’s Story Series: Book Ten) – it’s live on Amazon! What better way to begin the weekend than reading the book you’ve been waiting for? And, you will not be disappointed!

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Justice reigns, no matter the cost.  

Justice Hall’s carefully constructed life as Elmaeder County Sheriff’s Office’s own caped crusader is spiraling out of control. His girlfriend is pregnant with his baby, Justin Black’s insane fan club of serial killer wannabes are threatening to come for him, and the bodies of the criminals he’s killed in the name of justice are piling up on his ranch.

Worst of all? He suspects his boss—the county sheriff—is onto him.

If he can’t restore her faith in him, he’s going to lose everything. His job, his freedom, and the life he so desperately wants with the… Read More