Storm's Target by Mary Stone

Storm’s Target is Live

Happy Release Day, dear readers!

Today is the official release day for Storm’s Target (Amelia Storm Series: Book Eleven) on Amazon!

Hunting season is open, and humans are the game.

If you pre-ordered, it should be ready for you on your Kindle – it’s time to read! 📖

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE and if you prefer paperback, click HERE.

For this one, Amy and I have Amelia dealing with gruesome murders in rural Illinois. They all have something in common, but what? Find out more about Storm’s Target by scrolling down.

Can Amelia catch the killer before it’s too late?

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Hunting season is open, and humans are the game.

In her new role with the Bureau’s Violent Crime Unit, Special Agent Amelia Storm is ready to focus on new types of crimes—ones that aren’t mob related. She didn’t, however, expect her first case to take her to rural Illinois, where the tranquil waters of Lake Henry have been guarding a grim secret.

Three corpses…and that’s just the beginning… Read More