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Storm's Revenge by Mary Stone

Revenge is sweet. But justice is sweeter.

Seven months ago, one of the FBI’s own went missing without a trace. The forensic analyst was smart and beautiful, and she had been dating Joseph Larson...the same man who’d been working with the Chicago PD to investigate the young woman’s missing persons case. The same man who’d just been forced to resign from the Bureau.

Something’s terribly wrong, FBI Special Agent Amelia Storm knows it in her gut. But knowing and proving are two very different things.

When Special Agent Journey Russo blows into the office implicating Larson in her sister’s disappearance, Amelia is even more certain that the disgraced ex-agent is involved. The question is how.

As Amelia and her partner investigate, she and Zane quickly realize that Larson has woven a twisted web of deceit that encompasses mafia influence and political sway. Worse, the truth behind the analyst’s disappearance is darker than anything they could have imagined.

Amelia is determined to find the young woman and ensure Joseph Larson gets what he deserves—a miserable life in an eight-by-ten cell. But Larson is just as determined to see Amelia dead.

From the wickedly dark minds of Mary Stone and Amy Wilson comes Storm’s Revenge, book nine of the Amelia Storm Series, where you’ll think twice about who you trust.

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