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Storm's Fury by Mary Stone

Some storms destroy. Others clear a path.

Military veteran Amelia Storm returns to her hometown of Chicago when her beloved police officer brother is killed in the line of duty. Now she is a special agent with the FBI. No longer a scared girl, she vows to avenge her brother and do what she can to end the city’s deep wells of corruption.

A television documentary puts a spotlight on a four-year-old kidnapping. Amelia and her colleagues in the Organized Crime Division know there’s more to the girl’s case than meets the eye.

The twelve-year-old wasn’t just abducted. She was targeted by a human trafficking ring.

As Amelia falls deeper down the rabbit hole of Chicago’s criminal hierarchy in search of the girl, she finds herself uncomfortably close to the people she left behind so long ago. This time, though, she won’t run. Now, she is the storm that will unearth the city’s long buried secrets. Or die trying. After all, she has nothing to lose.

From the wickedly dark minds of Mary Stone and Amy Wilson comes Storm’s Fury, book one of the Amelia Storm Series, where you’ll be reminded that Mother Earth is wild, but humans are the most dangerous creatures.

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