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Storm's Cut is live!

Storm's Cut Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

Storm's Cut (Amelia Storm Series: Book Ten) is now live on Amazon!

There are some bizarre things happening and Amelia finds herself right in the thick of it. Ready to find out what Amy and I are putting Amelia through this time?

Today is the Official Release Day for Storm's Cut (Amelia Storm Series: Book Ten) on Amazon!

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The first cut is the deepest.

This book will make you realize that those sworn to protect can inflict the most harm.

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The first cut is the deepest.

Murderers never take a break, so when the body of a twenty-nine-year-old middle school gym teacher is discovered, Special Agents Amelia Storm and Zane Palmer are called in to help the Violent Crimes Division with one of their most puzzling cases to date. Because this isn’t just a random crime...

It’s far more bizarre.

The latest victim is the fifth to be found dumped in a rural area south of Chicago. The victims have little in common, except one thing...their internal organs have been removed with a precision that only a surgeon could achieve.

Is this the work of a deranged serial killer, an organ trafficker, or God forbid, both? Or could one of Chicago’s criminal organizations be involved?

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