Mary Stone - Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series
Kickoff (Stella Knox Series: Bonus Story)

prequel - killer kickoff


Stella Knox has stepped into her father’s footsteps to become a police officer, but only to take a bigger step. Her dream is to make it into the FBI, so she can solve her father’s murder once and for all. But does she have what it takes?… Read More

Killer Smile (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

BOOK 1 - killer smile


If looks can kill, a smile can be deadly.

Special Agent Stella Knox became an FBI agent to find the dirty cops responsible for her father’s murder and make them pay. But fresh out of Quantico, her first case has her seeking justice for a different victim—three of them, in fact.

The bodies of three teenage boys have turned up in a sleepy town outside of Nashville, TN. There’re no fingerprints, no DNA, and very little to connect the murders, except for a smiley face drawn in blood near two of the bodies. But why only two? The case makes zero sense, and the questions outnumber the answers… Read More

Killer Style (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

BOOK 2 - killer style


Evil never goes out of style.

Special Agent Stella Knox thought she’d seen it all in her two years with the Nashville PD. But after two weeks at the FBI, she’s already witnessed more than she could have imagined, including her newest case. The bodies of two women have been found in an alleyway, both missing one arm, one leg, and all their fingers and toes.

Now, a third woman is missing… Read More

Killer Shot (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 3)

BOOK 3 - killer shot


All bets are off when a madman calls the shots.

After Special Agent Stella Knox’s friend and FBI tech ace Mac drops a bombshell regarding the death of Stella’s father, she can’t wait to follow up on the lead. But that’s put on the backburner when six people are abducted from a dinner party—the door open, the table laid, and the meal started. Even more disturbing is that a two-year-old is among the missing.

With no sign of a struggle and the only fingerprints belonging to the guests, there’s little to go on. Soon, a body is found in a drainage ditch on the edge of town, shot in the back at close range… Read More

Killer Spirit (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 4)

BOOK 4 - killer spirit


We’ve got spirit
Yes, we do
Killing off victims
Next one’s you!

Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates travel to Atlanta to uncover the truth about the man she trusted as a child and discover a shocking truth. When her “uncle” was killed, he took the secret of who murdered her father with him. Or did he? Read More

Killer Memo (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 5)

BOOK 5 - killer memo


When death leaves a warning…

FBI Special Agent Stella Knox hasn’t finished the paperwork on her last assignment when she walks straight into her next case. A memo written on bright yellow paper looks unassuming at first.

What are you afraid of, Paul Slade?

It’s a curious question. One the Special Agent in Charge of the Nashville office doesn’t take seriously…at first… Read More

Killer Note (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 6)

BOOK 6 - killer note


One wrong note can lead to murder.

FBI Special Agent Stella Knox’s search for her father’s murderer is put on hold when three bodies are discovered seated in a wealthy Tennessee suburb. It’s strange. The victims seem to be placed in front of a grand piano like an unwilling audience. Stranger still, the killer stopped to eat, taking the plates and silverware with them.

And that’s just the beginning… Read More

Killer Encore (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 7)

BOOK 7 - killer encore


In a psychopath’s performance, revenge is the encore.

Moments after FBI Special Agent Stella Knox briefs the Nashville Violent Crime Unit on her father’s murder, the teams’ supportive camaraderie is replaced with horror when a stranger calls to tell Agent Martin Lin he’ll never see his sister again.

A trip to Martin’s apartment confirms the situation is real. Jane, who was visiting her brother, has disappeared without a trace.

As Stella and the rest of the team try to connect the dots between video footage showing Jane leaving a local liquor store before vanishing, their only clue is a bloody piano tuner. On the heels of their last murder case involving The Pianist, it seems like a bizarre coincidence… Read More

Killer Knockout (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 8)

BOOK 8 - killer knockout


Sometimes you win, and sometimes you die.

On the verge of finding the person who ordered their fathers’ deaths, Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates are diverted by another murder. A kickboxer whose body is discovered with two bullet holes in his head. Stranger still is a pattern of dead boxers around the state.

Are the murders linked to organized crime? A serial killer? A grudge? Or something more disturbing?… Read More

Killer Fame (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 9)

BOOK 9 - killer fame


The cost of fame is paid in blood…

It’s been an eventful twenty-four hours for FBI Special Agent Stella Knox. She’s saved her colleague from a murderer, rescued the same murderer, and watched the man who killed her father plummet to his death. Now, she’s not only tormented with questions about her father’s murder, but new worries about her colleague and friend, Special Agent Hagen Yates, are plaguing her too.

What should she do?… Read More

Mary Stone - Killer Blast

BOOK 10 - Killer Blast


Fly the deadly skies…

As FBI Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates inch closer to apprehending the mastermind behind their fathers’ assassinations, tragedy strikes. A private jet explodes over Nashville, its sole passenger skewered on a skyscraper’s antennae during his descent.

Why would a perfectly good plane fall out of the sky?

The team quickly rules out pilot error and learn that the plane was meticulously maintained. This leads Stella and the rest of the team to a chilling conclusion: intentional sabotage. But why?… Read More


The price of gold has never been higher.

FBI Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates are closer than ever to tracking down the one criminal they want to bring to justice more than any other—Joel Ramirez, the dirty FBI agent who ordered the deaths of their fathers. But one horrifying case has bled into the next since Stella moved to Nashville’s Violent Crimes Unit. This time, it’s a shooting in broad daylight near a jewelry store. An apparent robbery.

Except the victim, a two-bit gold trader, is tied to a corruption case in Miami. And the killer didn’t take anything. Not the bag of gold jewelry on the victim. Not the twenty thousand dollars cash in his pocket. Read More