Sky Stryker is a new FBI thriller series by Mary Stone and Bella Cross.

New York. The city of dreams…and nightmares.

From a small town in Upstate New York, Sky Stryker moves to the Big Apple, seeking to uncover the dark underbelly of the fashion industry for her next tell-all book. Although she is decidedly the inelegant duck among a pond of beautiful swans, she doesn’t care. She wants to expose secrets, not drape herself in the bits of material and call it haute couture. And what better way to see inside the industry than with an introduction from her cousin Megan, a famous fashion model?

What Sky doesn’t fully understand yet is that secrets are like monsters, swimming under the surface of beauty and fame. When threatened, they attack and devour those who dare get too close. And Sky is getting close. Worse, she’s pulling her beautiful cousin in with her.

Welcome to the very beginning of Mary Stone’s riveting Sky Stryker series.


In the world of fashion, greed never goes out of style.

As of five days ago, Sky Stryker is officially a resident of the Big Apple. Attending her cousin’s prestigious, by-invitation-only fashion show during New York City’s Fashion Week is just the beginning of the exciting life that awaits her.

A life free from the memories that haunt her.

She has it all planned out. Step one: stop apologizing. Step two: continue her research on the fashion world by talking to the sexy-as-sin COO of the clothing designer her cousin models for.

Step three: write a best-selling tell-all exposing what really… Read More