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Shadow's Secret is live!

Shadow's Secret by Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

If you've been curious about my latest brand new series and new co-author, the wait to find out is over!

A Goodreads reviewer said, " I thoroughly enjoyed this book, full of action from start to finish. A great cast of characters, kept me engrossed til the end. Need the next book soon please."

And, an Amazon reviewer said, "Mary Stone has created a new character, a new series with a new co-author. And Mary has picked another gem of a co-author in Lori Rhodes."

So don't delay and go to Amazon right now to grab your copy of Shadow's Secret.

Hidden secrets lead to...

...deadly lies...

Today is the Official Release Day for Shadow's Secret (Shadow Island Series: Book One) on Amazon!

This book is a stark reminder that two people can keep a secret...if one of them dies.

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Hidden secrets lead to deadly lies...

Following the incident that brought justice to her parents’ killers but ended her career, former FBI Special Agent Rebecca West needs a fresh start. Hoping to find peace, she decides to spend a few months in the sleepy beach town of Shadow Island, where she spent idyllic summers as a kid.

However, her vacation is cut short when a seventeen-year-old goes missing with no leads or clues. When the girl’s body is found in a nearby marsh with strangulation marks around her neck, Rebecca can’t say no when the overworked sheriff asks her to help investigate.

Rebecca’s gut tells her that on the small island, the murder hadn’t been a chance encounter. But who would want the likable teen in a seemingly sweet and innocent relationship with her boyfriend dead? And why?

Rebecca soon discovers something bigger is going on around Shadow Island, something involving an enigmatic Yacht Club that no one will talk about...but that just might hold the keys to solving the girl’s murder. But who are they willing to kill to keep their secrets buried?

From its enigmatic beginning to the twisted ending you won’t see coming, Shadow’s Secret—the first book in the Shadow Island Series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes—is a stark reminder that two people can keep a secret...if one of them dies.

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