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Shadow’s Ritual is Live!

Hello, dear readers,

Happy Release Day! Lori and I are so excited to share with you that Shadow’s Ritual (Shadow Island Series Book Seven) is now live on Amazon!

In a world of shadows, a sinister ritual awakens…

If you pre-ordered, grab your Kindle – it’s time to read! 📖

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE and if you prefer paperback, click HERE.

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In a world of shadows, a sinister ritual awakens…

Just as Sheriff Rebecca West starts to relax after a harrowing hostage situation, she’s thrown into another demanding case. This one is even more ominous.

Maybe the curse is real.

Shadow Island lore insists that anyone who steps in the shadow cast onto the old witch’s cottage is cursed. But when two bodies are discovered inside the cottage, their heads arranged in a ghastly tableau, Rebecca is more concerned about the real monsters—the human ones who’d commit such an atrocious murder… Read More