Shadow's Mystery by Mary Stone

Shadow’s Mystery is Live!

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Today is the official release day for Shadow’s Mystery (Shadow Island FBI Mystery series: Book Nine) on Amazon!

When a teacher admired by the residents of Shadow Island is found murdered, a decades old mystery is revealed to Sheriff Rebecca West and her department, entangling some of the island’s most long-standing citizens. As more victims are revealed, the killer’s downward spiral accelerates, targeting anyone and everyone who might stand in their way.

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No good deed goes unpunished.

Reeling from guilt and haunted by the recent loss of one of her deputies, Sheriff Rebecca West doesn’t have time to recover before Shadow Island delivers yet another blow. The island’s most beloved teacher has mysteriously disappeared on the night of her retirement party, her wallet, keys, and cell phone still in her unlocked car. If Rebecca doesn’t want the missing woman to join the island’s growing list of corpses, she’s got to focus on the present.

Even as the past tries to rip her apart… Read more