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shadow's hostage is live!

Shadow's Hostage by Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

Lori and I are so excited to share with you that Shadow's Hostage is now live on Amazon! If you pre-ordered it, check your Kindle. ☺️

If you didn't pre-order, you can get your copy of Shadow's Hostage (Shadow Island Series Book Six) on Amazon right now.

When you're a hostage of your own nightmare...

Today is the Official Release Day for Shadow's Hostage (Shadow Island Series: Book Six) on Amazon!

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As the Shadow Island Historical Society prepares to raise funds to restore the island’s beloved lighthouse, someone else has other lethal plans. Instead of the presentation the group hopes for, they attract the attention of a madman claiming the historic monument is his family legacy before firing several shots and barricading the doors.

Now, one hostage is dying and the rest fear for their lives.

Interim Sheriff Rebecca West is no hostage negotiator, but she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the elderly captives are safely released. Especially when the perp turns out to be a local boy recently released from the mental hospital where he’d been committed since his mother abandoned him and his father. By all accounts, he’s disturbed but harmless.

Or is he?

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