Mary Stone - Shadow's Hoax (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 12)

Shadow’s Hoax is Live!

Hello, dear readers,

Happy release day!

Shadow’s Hoax (Shadow Island Series: Book Twelve) is now available on Amazon. If you pre-ordered, check your Kindle! 😁

If you’re afraid of clowns, this one might keep you up at night. I know it did me when I read Lori’s first draft and then made my edits!

You can get your copy of Shadow’s Hoax (Shadow Island Series: Book Twelve) on Amazon right now.

Every clue is a countdown.

Today is the Official Release Day for Shadow’s Hoax (Shadow Island Series: Book Twelve) on Amazon!

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Every clue is a countdown.

A typical morning at Sandpiper Bank turns into chaos when an armed man in a clown costume storms in, shattering the calm. He trashes the lobby and executes the bank manager, even after securing the money, hinting at a motive beyond mere robbery.

Maybe money isn’t the root of all evil, after all.

Puzzled by the senseless violence, Sheriff Rebecca West is drawn into a labyrinth of mystery and danger as the bank’s connections to the Yacht Club are revealed. The arrival of the FBI, led by Rebecca’s former instructor, offers a mix of relief and renewed tension. Read More