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Shadow’s Conspiracy is Live!

Hello, dear readers,

Today is the official release day for the Shadow’s Conspiracy (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 8) on Amazon!

From its puzzling beginning to the devastating conclusion, Shadow’s Conspiracy will make you realize that whatever you sweep under the rug always comes back to haunt you.

If you pre-ordered, grab your Kindle – it’s time to read! 📖

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE and if you prefer paperback, click HERE.

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Not every conspiracy is a theory.

When a man washes up onto Shadow Island, Sheriff Rebecca West has a moment of déjà vu. This isn’t the first body the ocean spat out on one of her beaches, but it’s the first one she’s found alive.


The brutal gunshot wounds to the victim’s hand and the lower part of his face indicate he was shot offshore and dumped overboard, but there’s no boat or perpetrator. Just a few cryptic clues before the victim becomes unresponsive… Read More