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Shadow's Captive is live!

Shadow's Captive by Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

It took a little while to get the second book in the Shadow Island Series into your eager hands but I think (hope) you'll agree it was worth the wait!

So don't delay and go to Amazon right now to grab your copy of Shadow's Captive.

Lori is eager to start the celebration with me by phone. 🥳️ She thinks this is the fun part. I have to admit my knees still shake on release day. 😧

It's 10:00 p.m. Do you know where your children are?
Stranger danger!
Want a puppy, little girl?

Today is the Official Release Day for Shadow's Captive (Shadow Island Series: Book Two) on Amazon!

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Want a puppy, little girl?

Former FBI agent Rebecca West came to Shadow Island to relax and clear her head, not step into a dead sheriff’s long worn shoes. Here she is, though, Interim Sheriff over a small department grieving for their boss and friend.

But not for long.

Before she can resign from the unwanted position, a little girl goes missing. On vacation with her parents, the eight-year-old was last seen outside her family’s vacation rental drawing on the sidewalk with a box of chalk.

Now she’s gone.

Did the girl wander off and get lost or maybe pulled out by the tide? Was she lured away? Or has she become the victim of something more sinister on Shadow Island, where a darkness simmers just below the paradisiacal surface?

When Rebecca discovers two similar abductions nearby within the week, she fears the worst. With a lot of ground to cover, few deputies to help, and the events surrounding Sheriff Wallace’s death haunting them all, can Rebecca and her team find the young girls before it’s too late?

From the gripping beginning to the startling conclusion, Shadow’s Captive—the second book in the Shadow Island Series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes—will ensure you always know where your children are.

Get your ebook copy now by clicking HERE.
If you prefer paperback click HERE.