Mary Stone - Shadow Island Series
Shadow's Edge (Shadow Island Bonus Story)

prequel - shadow's edge


Special Agent Rebecca West has spent the past eight years living the FBI motto of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity. But when her parents are murdered and the powers that be cover it up, Rebecca discovers a new motto: Vengeance, No Matter The Cost… Read More

Shadow's Secret (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

BOOK 1 - shadow's secret


Hidden secrets lead to deadly lies…

Following the incident that brought justice to her parents’ killers but ended her career, former FBI Special Agent Rebecca West needs a fresh start. Hoping to find peace, she decides to spend a few months in the sleepy beach town of Shadow Island, where she spent idyllic summers as a kid.

However, her vacation is cut short when a seventeen-year-old goes missing with no leads or clues. When the girl’s body is found in a nearby marsh with strangulation marks around her neck, Rebecca can’t say no when the overworked sheriff asks her to help investigate… Read More

Shadow's Captive (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

BOOK 2 - shadow's captive


Want a puppy, little girl?

Former FBI agent Rebecca West came to Shadow Island to relax and clear her head, not step into a dead sheriff’s long worn shoes. Here she is, though, Interim Sheriff over a small department grieving for their boss and friend.

But not for long.

Before she can resign from the unwanted position, a little girl goes missing. On vacation with her parents, the eight-year-old was last seen outside her family’s vacation rental drawing on the sidewalk with a box of chalk… Read More

Shadow's Deadline (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 3)

BOOK 3 - shadow's deadline


When death has a deadline…

The late Sheriff Alden Wallace has barely been laid to rest when another body is found on Shadow Island. Once again, former FBI agent turned interim sheriff Rebecca West’s vacation plans will have to wait.

This time, the victim is the son of one of Shadow Island’s privileged elite. Found gruesomely posed at a picnic table in the park—suffocated, choked, and shot, with a cryptic note shoved in his pants—his death is as personal as it is disturbing.

And he’s the first one on the killer’s list… Read More

Shadow's Force (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 4)

BOOK 4 - shadow's force


Which is more dangerous…Mother or Human Nature?

Twelve hours earlier, Interim Sheriff Rebecca West was enjoying a casual lunchtime burger. Now she’s preparing for a hurricane headed straight for Shadow Island. While hauling sandbags and calming town officials, the last thing she needs is a stunned man stumbling into the sheriff’s department.

Covered in blood.

Clearly in shock, the man doesn’t know who he is and only mutters about needing help finding a mermaid. Is he distraught because he killed someone or because he witnessed a horrific event? Read More

Shadow's Watch (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 5)

BOOK 5 - shadow's watch


The shadows are watching…

Less than twenty-four hours after Hurricane Boris ravages Shadow Island, it delivers one final blow. Two corpses, lashed together, wash up on the shore. Some of them, anyway.

With no primary crime scene, no witnesses, and barely any human remains, Sheriff Rebecca West has precious little to work with. Are these victims connected to the seemingly untouchable Yacht Club, or did Boris’s awesome power simply push them onto her beach? Read More

Shadow's Hostage (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 6)

BOOK 6 - shadow's hostage


When you’re a hostage of your own nightmare…

As the Shadow Island Historical Society prepares to raise funds to restore the island’s beloved lighthouse, someone else has other lethal plans. Instead of the presentation the group hopes for, they attract the attention of a madman claiming the historic monument is his family legacy before firing several shots and barricading the doors.

Now, one hostage is dying and the rest fear for their lives… Read More

Shadow's Ritual (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 7)

BOOK 7 - shadow's ritual


In a world of shadows, a sinister ritual awakens…

Just as Sheriff Rebecca West starts to relax after a harrowing hostage situation, she’s thrown into another demanding case. This one is even more ominous.

Maybe the curse is real.

Shadow Island lore insists that anyone who steps in the shadow cast onto the old witch’s cottage is cursed. But when two bodies are discovered inside the cottage, their heads arranged in a ghastly tableau, Rebecca is more concerned about the real monsters—the human ones who’d commit such an atrocious murder… Read More

Shadow's Conspiracy (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 8)

BOOK 8 - shadow's conspiracy


Not every conspiracy is a theory.

When a man washes up onto Shadow Island, Sheriff Rebecca West has a moment of déjà vu. This isn’t the first body the ocean spat out on one of her beaches, but it’s the first one she’s found alive.


The brutal gunshot wounds to the victim’s hand and the lower part of his face indicate he was shot offshore and dumped overboard, but there’s no boat or perpetrator. Just a few cryptic clues before the victim becomes unresponsive… Read More

Shadow's Mystery (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 9)

BOOK 9 - shadow's mystery


No good deed goes unpunished.

Reeling from guilt and haunted by the recent loss of one of her deputies, Sheriff Rebecca West doesn’t have time to recover before Shadow Island delivers yet another blow. The island’s most beloved teacher has mysteriously disappeared on the night of her retirement party, her wallet, keys, and cell phone still in her unlocked car. If Rebecca doesn’t want the missing woman to join the island’s growing list of corpses, she’s got to focus on the present.

Even as the past tries to rip her apart… Read More

Shadow's Darkness (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 10)

BOOK 10 - shadow's darkness


When the dead can’t speak, the shadows whisper their secrets.

There’s never a dull moment on Shadow Island, especially for its small but growing sheriff’s department. This time, Sheriff Rebecca West, along with new deputy Viviane Darby, discover a man hanging from the rafters of the caretaker’s shed at Oceanview Cemetery.

Does death follow Rebecca? Or does she attract it? Read More


Where there’s smoke, there’s murder.

As the sun dips toward the horizon at Dee’s Dock, a yacht ignites more than just the evening sky— it sparks yet another deadly mystery on Shadow Island. Sheriff Rebecca West leads the charge as the tight-knit community bands together to battle the blaze. But as the smoke clears, a chilling discovery is made… arson is only the beginning, and the charred remains aboard signal murder.

Was the fire the ultimate goal, or was the blaze a smokescreen for a much darker deed? Read More


Every clue is a countdown.

A typical morning at Sandpiper Bank turns into chaos when an armed man in a clown costume storms in, shattering the calm. He trashes the lobby and executes the bank manager, even after securing the money, hinting at a motive beyond mere robbery.

Maybe money isn’t the root of all evil, after all.

Puzzled by the senseless violence, Sheriff Rebecca West is drawn into a labyrinth of mystery and danger as the bank’s connections to the Yacht Club are revealed. Read More


You can run but you can’t hide from death.

When a fisherwoman reports seeing a local young woman potentially assaulted or abducted, Shadow Island Sheriff Rebecca West’s heart constricts. The disappearance of three other girls in the span of a week can’t be a coincidence. But other than being about the same age, everything else about the girls and their mysterious disappearances are inconsistent. Besides, since all are legal adults with no jobs but plenty of nice things, it’s entirely possible they just took off on an impromptu vacation.

Except none of the girls took their car. And no one is answering their phone. Read More


The path to power is paved with blood.

In the wake of a landmark election on Shadow Island, the tide of power is set to turn. Newly elected Sheriff Rebecca West stands ready to dismantle the Yacht Club’s ruthless grip over the island. And she isn’t alone. She has her team as well as the newly elected chair of the Select Board by her side.

But victory comes at a perilous cost.

The ballots have barely been counted when tragedy strikes. The new Select Board Chair’s life hangs by a thread after a deliberate sabotage turns her victory drive into a fight for survival. Read More


Shadow Island is under siege.

Just a few short months ago, Sheriff Rebecca West thought her toughest battles were behind her. But nothing could have prepared her for the turmoil she’s faced since coming to Shadow Island. Attempts on her life. Heartbreak. Betrayal. And that’s just the beginning.

The worst is yet to come.

Still reeling from the shocking discovery of who’s behind Shadow Island’s exclusive and depraved “men’s” club, Rebecca is determined to take them down. There’s only one problem. One by one, the members end up dead. Tongues cut out, hands chopped off—the message is clear… Read More