Shadow's Flame - Mary Stone

Shadow’s Flame is Live!

From the tense beginning to the explosive conclusion, Shadow’s Flame—the eleventh book in the Shadow Island Series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes—will draw you in like a moth to a flame. Just don’t get burned.

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Mary Stone - Shadow's Flame

A Taste of… Shadow’s Flame

When the docks of Shadow Island go up in flames, questions are raised. When a dead body is found in one of the boats, things only get darker. But with a number of possible suspects, Interim Sheriff Rebecca West has to work day and night to expose the arsonist slash murderer, while juggling the additional pressure of an ongoing investigation by the state police and the overwhelming potential of losing her home.

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Last Sinner by Mary Stone

Last Sinner is Live!

Hate the sin. Kill the sinner.

It’s release day! I’m so excited that Emma Last is back. She is such a joy to write and I hope she’s just as entertaining to read! Today is the Official Release Day for Last Sinner (Emma Last Series: Book Six) on Amazon!

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Mary Stone - Last Sinner

A Taste of… Last Sinner

Hate the sin. Kill the sinner.

Special Agent Emma Last and the VCU investigate a bar shooting in suburban D.C. A bartender and the bar owner are dead on sight, but a note left in the owner’s hand suggests a religious motivation behind the killing. It also suggests there are more shootings to come. The team must try to solve the murder before others are killed.

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Stalked by Darkness - Mary Stone

A Taste of… Stalked by Darkness

Nobody was supposed to know that Deputy Justice Hall secretly went to the Amado Cartel’s stronghold in Mexico to mete out justice the judicial system denied to the creator of a deadly street drug and the leader of the motorcycle gang that distributed it. But someone followed him. And they want him to know it, as evidenced by the handwritten note with the words “I SEE U” – accompanied by photo evidence and a heart-shaped stone – left at Justice’s ranch.

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Killer Blast is Live

Killer Blast is Live!

Happy Release Day! Stella is back and she’s in quite an explosive situation. ✈️️😱 Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Blast (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book Ten) on Amazon! If you pre-ordered your copy, check your Kindle. It should already be there. You can start reading right

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A Taste of... Killer Blast

A Taste of… Killer Blast

Chapter One Doug Calderon eased back his airplane seat and stretched his long legs as far as they could reach. Resting his temple on the little circular window, he watched the lights of Nashville glow dimly through the fog below, smudges of red and white and yellow under a curtain

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Shadow’s Darkness is Live!

Hello, dear readers, Happy release day! Yes, that’s right, Shadow’s Darkness (Shadow Island Series: Book Ten) is now available on Amazon. If you pre-ordered, check your Kindle!  This time we give Rebecca cases that, on the surface would seem like suicides, but Rebecca’s gut tells her otherwise. You can get

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A Taste of... Shadow's Darkness

A Taste of… Shadow’s Darkness

Chapter One “What’s the point of owning your own company if you can’t even pay the mortgage?” Roger Biggio flinched at the reminder of his failure. His wife was so adamant in making her point that her bottle-blond hair flipped into her face, so that she had to bat it

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Last Heist by Mary Stone

A Taste of… Last Heist

Chelsea Terrence sagged against the bank counter, fighting the urge to rest her head on her mom’s shoulder. She used to do that all the time when she was little. But that was then, and she was twelve now. Way too old for that. Plague-infected or not…

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