Latest release in the A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Series


Murder hides behind mercy’s mask.

Eleven days after Deputy Justice Hall secretly ends another reign of terror, Elmaeder County Sheriff’s Office swirls with silent questions. The abrupt halt of murders puzzles everyone, especially the sheriff, who suspects Justice’s involvement, straining their relationship.

Will she be his next target?

Needing to regain trust, Justice jumps at a case involving a suspicious death at a retirement home. What begins as a routine inquiry spirals into a complex investigation. Anomalies at the home hint at a sinister… Read More

Latest release in the Journey Russo FBI Mystery Series


When fate calls, death could be dialing.

Journey Russo is no stranger to the harsh shadows cast by secrets. The fire that claimed her family when she was just thirteen years old left her life scorched by mystery and loss. Raised by her grandparents amidst the embers of her past, Journey transformed her trauma into resolve, forging a path as an FBI special agent. But beneath her determined facade lies a lingering fear of fire and the unhealed scars of betrayal.

In a world of hidden flames, truth is her only weapon… Read More

Latest release in the Charli Cross Mystery Series


Hey little kid, want some candy?

Still on bereavement leave and dreading her upcoming birthday—a byproduct of the kidnapping and murder of her best friend in high school—Detective Charli Cross doesn’t feel much like celebrating. She’d much prefer being called in to investigate a reported homicide at a neighborhood playground. Until she realizes the young woman murdered was the nanny of the four-year-old son of a wealthy business mogul and a federal judge.

And the boy is missing… Read More

Latest release in the Emma Last FBI Mystery Series


The first cut is the deadliest.

Special Agent Emma Last is finally ready to confront the ‘Other’ side of her life—the part filled with ghosts that only she can see. However, her supernatural abilities must take a back seat as a real-world crisis demands her urgent attention.

Ghosts or not, the clock is ticking.

The D.C. Violent Crimes Unit joins forces with the Bureau’s Safe Streets Task Force to investigate a perplexing double homicide in the gritty underworld of gang territories. The crime scene bears an unusual… Read More

Latest release in the Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series


You can run but you can’t hide from death.

When a fisherwoman reports seeing a local young woman potentially assaulted or abducted, Shadow Island Sheriff Rebecca West’s heart constricts. The disappearance of three other girls in the span of a week can’t be a coincidence. But other than being about the same age, everything else about the girls and their mysterious disappearances are inconsistent. Besides, since all are legal adults with no jobs but plenty of nice things, it’s entirely possible they just took off on an impromptu vacation.

Except none of the girls took their car. And no one is answering their phone. Read More

Latest release in the Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series


On a crash course with death.

Ellie Kline’s return to the world of crime investigation is heralded by two unexpected texts. The first bears unsettling news from her mother…a family friend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident, suicide, or foul play?

Before Ellie can process this family tragedy, the second text arrives, jolting her back into professional mode. The Charleston Police Department, grappling with a case that could shake the city’s upper crust, lifts Ellie’s suspension but pairs her with a partner to investigate the case. Read More

Neueste Veröffentlichung in der Autumn-Trent-Serie


Schuldgefühle sind ein mächtiges Motiv…

Keine vierundzwanzig Stunden nach einer weiteren Beinahbegegnung mit dem Tod muss die Kriminal- und Forensikpsychologin Dr. Autumn Trent schon wieder arbeiten, statt sich endlich einmal erholen zu dürfen. Doch ihr bleibt keine andere Wahl. Ihre beste Freundin, Special Agent Winter Black, ist verschwunden.

Und dasselbe gilt für Winters jüngeren Bruder Justin…einen brutalen Serienmörder. Read More

Latest release in Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series


Silence can kill…

Babies are going missing. Mothers are being killed. Because these women are poor and alone, no one seems to care.

Now that Kylie Hatfield’s dreams have come true—she’s married to Linc, the man of her dreams, and she’s a real PI with her own business—everything should be smooth sailing.

Just as she’s settling into married life and getting a foothold in the business, a pregnancy test and its little plus sign throws a wrench into her plans. Read More

Latest release in the Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series


Hunting season is open, and humans are the game.

In her new role with the Bureau’s Violent Crime Unit, Special Agent Amelia Storm is ready to focus on new types of crimes—ones that aren’t mob related. She didn’t, however, expect her first case to take her to rural Illinois, where the tranquil waters of Lake Henry have been guarding a grim secret.

Three corpses…and that’s just the beginning.

Among the deceased are two recent victims, a young couple last seen camping in the nearby wilderness preserve. Read More

Latest release in the Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series


Fly the deadly skies…

As FBI Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates inch closer to apprehending the mastermind behind their fathers’ assassinations, tragedy strikes. A private jet explodes over Nashville, its sole passenger skewered on a skyscraper’s antennae during his descent.

Why would a perfectly good plane fall out of the sky?

The team quickly rules out pilot error and learn that the plane was meticulously maintained. This leads Stella and the rest of the team to a chilling conclusion: intentional sabotage. But why? Read More

Latest release in the Winter Black FBI Mystery Series, Season Two


Is it lights out for Winter?

Once an FBI special agent famed for locking up serial killers, Winter Black now finds herself on the other side of the law. Who would have guessed she’d be working on behalf of a potential killer as a private investigator? Her new client is undoubtedly a corrupt businessman who has swindled millions, but is he responsible for the chilling electrocutions of three people? Winter doesn’t think so.

But is she willing to stake her life on it? Read More

Latest release in the Autumn Trent Series Season Two


The sins of the father are past due.

Still reeling from the nightmarish case that plunged each member of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit into their own personal hell, Special Agent Autumn Trent and her team welcome the distraction when they’re asked to investigate a brutal murder. At least this assignment is someone else’s nightmare.

And it’s a horrific one.

An eighteen-year-old honor roll student is crucified in his front yard. Authorities believe the young man’s murder is connected to his family—a notorious crime syndicate known as the Fabbris. Read More