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It’s release day! I’m thrilled to bring Emma back and so excited for you to read the next steps in her journey. I hope you’re eager to see how Emma recovers from her tragic loss. I’ve given her lots to do in this book to take her mind off of it.

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Today is the Official Release Day for Last Mercy (Emma Last Series: Book Seven) on Amazon!

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At the mercy of a killer.

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At the mercy of a killer.

Overwhelmed with grief and anger, Special Agent Emma Last is now haunted by more than the ghosts who seek her out. Guilt becomes her constant companion as she attempts to unwind the clock, undo what’s been done to yet another person she loves.

Will she ever escape the weight of her past?

When a fellow agent rescues a little girl hidden in the tunnels under the Washington National Opera House, Emma finds a focus for her energy. And she’s determined to find the person responsible. Especially when two more children are found in the same tunnel network, their lives gruesomely claimed by blood-sucking leeches… Read More