Mary Stone - Last Hour (Emma Last FBI Mystery Series Book 8)

Last Hour is Live! 

Hello, dear readers,

Today is release day for the new Emma book! I’ve finally got Emma ready to face her otherworldly demons. But it can’t be that easy, can it? I’m derailing that with a real-world double homicide. All signs point to a gang-related crime. But is it? 😮

You can get your copy of Last Hour (Emma Last Series: Book Eight) on Amazon right now.

Today is the Official Release Day for Last Hour (Emma Last Series: Book Eight) on Amazon!

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The first cut is the deadliest.

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The first cut is the deadliest.

Special Agent Emma Last is finally ready to confront the ‘Other’ side of her life—the part filled with ghosts that only she can see. However, her supernatural abilities must take a back seat as a real-world crisis demands her urgent attention.

Ghosts or not, the clock is ticking.

The D.C. Violent Crimes Unit joins forces with the Bureau’s Safe Streets Task Force to investigate a perplexing double homicide in the gritty underworld of gang territories. The crime scene bears an unusual signature—a bizarre, multi-bladed knife—suggesting a… Read More