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Special Agent Emma Last and the VCU head to West Virginia, where two small-town burger joints have exploded in northern Virginia. Both establishments were run by father and daughter duos who lived above the shops. The remains of homemade bombs have been discovered at both sites, and though the explosions happened at night when it would be assumed the owners were sleeping, no human remains have been found in either shop’s rubble.

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Some memories detonate on impact.

Fresh from the adrenaline rush of her latest case, FBI Special Agent Emma Last dropped a bombshell on her friend and coworker Mia Logan—she can communicate with ghosts. Worse, one spectral figure is Mia’s brother.

And he insists he was murdered.

But there’s little time to grapple with the supernatural when the Violent Crimes team is thrust into the heart of Randall County, West Virginia where a local diner is reduced to rubble in a powerful explosion. Although the owner and his daughter live above the restaurant, no human remains are found in the rubble. Did they have the motive, or the skill, to make a bomb?

Or are they the victims of a more disturbing vendetta?