Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series
Deadly Beginnings (Kylie Hatfield Series: The Prequel)

prequel - deadly beginnings


Straight into trouble. And murder.

That’s where both Kylie Hatfields’s new job and her rescue dog’s nose lead her. The gigantic black Newfoundland dog, Vader, is just as impulsive as Kylie. Add ex-military Search and Rescue trainer, Lincoln Coulter, into the mix and missing people cases can’t help but be solved… Read More

Deadly Act (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 1)



Kylie’s new job is turning out to be a real killer…

When quiet, unassuming Jessica Hilyard mysteriously disappears, Kylie Hatfield promises Jessica’s sister she’ll find her. So what if she’s technically just the office assistant at Starr Investigations? It’s the perfect opportunity to prove to her boss she has what it takes to become a real private investigator…Read More

Deadly Lies (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 2)

BOOK 2 - Deadly Lies


Family is everything…unless they want you dead.

Sweet little Emma Jennings is certain someone is robbing her vast estate, and she wants Kylie Hatfield on the case. Sure, an embezzlement case might be boring—boring and Kylie don’t mix—but Kylie feels for the octogenarian and pledges to right the wrong. She’s certain that she can. She’s just been promoted to Assistant PI of Starr Investigations, after all… Read More

Deadly Games (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 3)

BOOK 3 - Deadly Games


Digging up the past can be deadly…

Adam Hatfield disappeared from Kylie and her mother’s lives when she was only four days old. Had he only been playing games when he made a family? Or was there something more sinister at play?

Kylie Hatfield, assistant private investigator extraordinaire, has it made. Mostly. But something is missing. A born digger, Kylie isn’t one to let a mystery stay a mystery, and her father’s disappearance is quickly becoming the most important case she’s ever tried to solve… Read More

Deadly Dreams (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 4)

BOOK 4 - Deadly Dreams


Sometimes the rescuers need to be saved…

Search and rescue responders are going missing one by one. A predator is on the hunt, an aggressive monster out for revenge, and he’s preying on those who risk their lives to save others.

Meanwhile, Kylie Hatfield has a wedding to plan. She and her search-and-rescue boyfriend, Linc Coulter, are finally getting married. If only they could skip the entire ceremony part and go straight to the honeymoon, she would be thrilled… Read More

Deadly Silence (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 5)

BOOK 5 - Deadly Silence


Silence can kill…

Babies are going missing. Mothers are being killed. Because these women are poor and alone, no one seems to care.

Now that Kylie Hatfield’s dreams have come true—she’s married to Linc, the man of her dreams, and she’s a real PI with her own business—everything should be smooth sailing.

Just as she’s settling into married life and getting a foothold in the business, a pregnancy test and its little plus sign throws a wrench into her plans… Read More