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Killer Style is live!

Killer Style by Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

I know you've been eager to see if the second book in the Stella Knox Series is as good as you thought the first one was. Stacy and I are on pins and needles wondering if you'll think so. Well, here's what we hope is the perfect way to end the weekend...

Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Style (Stella Knox Series: Book Two) on Amazon!

If you pre-ordered your copy, check your Kindle. It should already be there!

Evil never goes out of style...

After reading this book you might just think anyone can be a killer...

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Evil never goes out of style.

Special Agent Stella Knox thought she’d seen it all in her two years with the Nashville PD. But after two weeks at the FBI, she’s already witnessed more than she could have imagined, including her newest case. The bodies of two women have been found in an alleyway, both missing one arm, one leg, and all their fingers and toes.

Now, a third woman is missing.

Shasta daisies artfully arranged over the bodies and at each crime scene indicate the work of a serial killer. But every victim is unique, with nothing to connect them. They are all different ages and different ethnicities, with different upbringings and different lives.

With nothing to link the victims, preventing the next murder is nearly impossible.

Anyone can be next.

When a fourth person goes missing, the clock is ticking...and Stella and her team are already running behind. Can they find the killer before another mutilated body turns up or will one of them become part of their unsub’s fantasy?

Chilling and engrossing, Killer Style is the second book in the new Stella Knox Series by bestselling author Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare—a puzzler that will make you realize anyone can be a matter how harmless they seem.

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