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Killer Spirit by Mary Stone

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Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Spirit (Stella Knox Series: Book Four) on Amazon!

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📣 We’ve got spirit
📣 Yes, we do
📣 Killing off victims
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We’ve got spirit
Yes, we do
Killing off victims
Next one’s you!

Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates travel to Atlanta to uncover the truth about the man she trusted as a child and discover a shocking truth. When her "uncle" was killed, he took the secret of who murdered her father with him. Or did he?

Before they can investigate further, they’re called to Chapel Island, Tennessee, where three teenage girls have been murdered. All popular cheerleaders. All shot at close range with a rifle. All dead, with a gruesome cheer written in blood on the gymnasium wall.

And the killer is just getting started.

When another victim is found, it’s clear a stolen cheer roster listing every high school squad in the county has become a killer’s hit list. Who is targeting the cheerleaders of Chapel Island? And why?

Stella and her team can’t possibly protect them all. Their only hope is to catch the killer—fast.

Mystifying and mind-bending, Killer Spirit is the fourth book in the Stella Knox Series by bestselling author Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare that will make you think twice about cheering on the home team.

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