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Killer SMile is live!

Killer Smile by Mary Stone and Stacy O'Hare

Happy Release Day!

I know you've been curious about my new co-author, Stacy O'Hare, and today is the day you get to find out why I'm so thrilled to be working with her!

According to a reviewer, "I don't know how Mary Stone and Stacy O'Hara have created yet another page turning masterpiece that sucks you in from the very first page! ...I am over the top on these new characters and cannot wait to read more!!"

So don't delay and go to Amazon right now to grab your copy of Killer Smile.

If looks can kill...

...a smile can be deadly.

Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Smile (Stella Knox Series: Book One) on Amazon!

This book will make you think twice about how safe small towns really are...

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Paperback coming soon.

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If looks can kill, a smile can be deadly.

Special Agent Stella Knox became an FBI agent to find the dirty cops responsible for her father’s murder and make them pay. But fresh out of Quantico, her first case has her seeking justice for a different victim—three of them, in fact.

The bodies of three teenage boys have turned up in a sleepy town outside of Nashville, TN. There’re no fingerprints, no DNA, and very little to connect the murders, except for a smiley face drawn in blood near two of the bodies. But why only two? The case makes zero sense, and the questions outnumber the answers.

Are the crimes related? Could it be the work of one calculating serial killer, or are they looking for three separate assailants?

One thing Stella knows for sure: someone is threatening the teenagers of small-town Cherry Farms, and they aren’t finished. As she and the team race against the clock to stop the nightmare that has descended upon this rural community, Stella has one more question...who will be next?

Enigmatic and gripping, Killer Smile is the first book in the new Stella Knox Series by bestselling author Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare—a nail-biter that will make you wonder just how safe small towns really are.

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