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Killer Memo is live!

Killer Memo by Mary Stone

Whew...Killer Memo is finally live on Amazon.

This is something I hope never to go through again. Please read this entire email for important information regarding getting your copy of Killer Memo (Stella Knox Series: Book Five).

Let me catch you up:

The official release date for Killer Memo was September 29. All pre-orders went out as scheduled and the book could be purchased per normal. A little while later, Amazon took the book down citing that I did not have permission to use the cover. After scratching my head over that for a moment, I gathered all the necessary information and sent it to them for verification. At the same time, I started hearing that the wrong book was being sent to those who did get the book. The interior was Killer Spirit, book 4 and not Killer Memo, book 5.

It took a while to get this all straightened out.

Now for the important information:
If you pre-ordered or purchased before Amazon took the ebook down, please be patient and wait for Amazon to push the new content to you. I've already asked them to do this.

If you had pre-ordered it or purchased it before Amazon took the ebook down and then returned it and then purchased it again, you'll need to wait for Amazon to push the new content out to you, unfortunately.

If you do not have Killer Memo, you can go and grab your copy right now! It is the correct version. The only thing wrong is the cover since Amazon has not yet told me I can upload the right cover.

If you're not sure what you have, the first sentence of Killer Memo is: "What the hell was I thinking?"

Please don't contact Amazon about this. Everything possible is being done to expedite things and with Amazon being as busy as they are, they might get annoyed with me to keep hearing about this situation.

I cannot express how sorry I am that all this happened. At least, it's been straightened out now. Boy, I hope you love the book after all this! 🙏

Here are the links to get Killer Memo:

Get your ebook copy now by clicking HERE.
(Please keep in mind that if you pre-ordered or purchased and returned it, you will probably still see the wrong book until Amazon pushes out the new content to you.)

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Find out more about Killer Memo by scrolling down. ⬇️

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When death leaves a warning...

FBI Special Agent Stella Knox hasn’t finished the paperwork on her last assignment when she walks straight into her next case. A memo written on bright yellow paper looks unassuming at first.

What are you afraid of, Paul Slade?

It’s a curious question. One the Special Agent in Charge of the Nashville office doesn’t take first.

One note might have been a joke. Two were a plan. A third leads to a missing deputy. And when a fire inspector mysteriously vanishes, it’s clear someone is deliberately targeting the city’s most courageous city servants—and wants them to know it.

As Stella and her team scramble to pinpoint who’s behind the disappearances, a killer is playing a deadly game of cat and mouse...and the FBI office is next.

Suspenseful and unnerving, Killer Memo is the fifth book in the Stella Knox Series by bestselling author Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare. Are you ready to face your worst fear? Too bad if you aren’t.

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