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Killer Encore is live!

Mary Stone - Killer Encore
Happy Release Day!

🎉 What a way to celebrate the end of the week. Are you ready to see what Stella has been up to since you last read about her?

Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Encore (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book Seven) on Amazon!

In a psychopath’s performance, revenge is the encore.

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In a psychopath's performance, revenge is the encore.

Moments after FBI Special Agent Stella Knox briefs the Nashville Violent Crime Unit on her father’s murder, the teams’ supportive camaraderie is replaced with horror when a stranger calls to tell Agent Martin Lin he’ll never see his sister again.

A trip to Martin’s apartment confirms the situation is real. Jane, who was visiting her brother, has disappeared without a trace.

As Stella and the rest of the team try to connect the dots between video footage showing Jane leaving a local liquor store before vanishing, their only clue is a bloody piano tuner. On the heels of their last murder case involving The Pianist, it seems like a bizarre coincidence.

But when Jane’s body is found decapitated, accompanied by a grisly message for the FBI, it’s clear this crime is personal. There’s just one question...

Who's next?

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