Killer Blast is Live

Killer Blast is Live!

Happy Release Day!

Stella is back and she’s in quite an explosive situation. ✈️️😱

Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Blast (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book Ten) on Amazon!

If you pre-ordered your copy, check your Kindle. It should already be there. You can start reading right now! 🙂

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE.

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Killer Blast

Fly the deadly skies…

As FBI Special Agents Stella Knox and Hagen Yates inch closer to apprehending the mastermind behind their fathers’ assassinations, tragedy strikes. A private jet explodes over Nashville, its sole passenger skewered on a skyscraper’s antennae during his descent.

Why would a perfectly good plane fall out of the sky?

The team quickly rules out pilot error and learn that the plane was meticulously maintained. This leads Stella and the rest of the team to a chilling conclusion: intentional sabotage. But why?

A terrorist would have picked a more crowded plane. So who would want the pilot or the single passenger dead?… Read More