Mary Stone - Journey's Terror (Journey Russo FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

Journey’s Terror is Live!

Happy Release Day, dear readers!

I’m so thrilled to share with you that today is release day for the second Journey Russo book. Amy and I are having such a blast writing this series. Seeing your response to the first book was so amazing. 🤗 Get ready for more!

Today is the Official Release Day for Journey’s Terror (Journey Russo Series: Book Two) on Amazon!

If you pre-ordered Journey’s Terror, it should be ready for you on your Kindle.

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE and if you prefer paperback, click HERE.

Secrets never rest in peace.

Journey is wrestling with a darkness that threatens to overtake her while working a case in an abandoned mine. Can she figure out what’s going on and crack the case before it’s too late?

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Secrets never rest in peace.

Haunted by a past that refuses to rest, FBI Special Agent Journey Russo faces a darkness deeper than any before. The discovery of a mass grave in an abandoned coal mine by two teenagers and their loyal dog pulls her back into the shadows she’s fought so hard to escape.

Beneath the earth, madness reigns.

What lies in the mine’s heartrending silence is a tableau of terror—bodies distorted and intertwined in a gruesome embrace. Forensic analysis unveils a chilling pattern of death that stretches across the years. Read More