Mary Stone - Journey's Prey (Journey Russo FBI Mystery Series Book 4)

Journey’s Prey is Live!

Happy Release Day, dear readers!

Happy Friday! I hope you cleared your weekend for reading! 📕📕📕 

Today is the Official Release Day for Journey’s Prey (Journey Russo Series: Book Four) on Amazon!

If you pre-ordered Journey’s Prey, it should be ready for you on your Kindle. 📖

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Dive in. The water’s great… for murder.

Young women are being murdered. The lifeguard at the local pool clearly preys on young women, but could he be behind such heinous acts?

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Dive in. The water’s great…for murder.

FBI Agent Journey Russo excels at keeping the shadows of her traumatic past at bay. So when she’s called to investigate a murder on a Sunday morning, she views it as a welcome distraction.

Until she arrives at the horrific crime scene.

The teenager wasn’t just murdered—she was nightmarishly mutilated, and her body discarded on the edge of the Allegheny National Forest. The same forest where Journey recently learned the leader of the cult from her childhood may own a cabin, and where her previous case led her on a wild chase for a hunter who favors a hunting bow as a weapon…. Read More