Mary Stone - Journey Russo Series

When destiny is written in flames, a heroine rises.

Before Journey Russo became the FBI’s sharpest mind in criminal psychology, she was a police officer with everything to prove. In this gripping prequel to Mary Stone’s newest series, Journey finds herself in the depths of a chilling investigation that will define her future.

Journey’s Dawn is not just a story of the hunt for a killer…it’s the birth of a legend. Witness the moment Journey discovers her true path—in the face of evil, where courage and commitment are forged in the flames of adversity.

Ready to explore the genesis of a woman navigating personal tragedy and a quest for truth.


When fate calls, death could be dialing.

Journey Russo is no stranger to the harsh shadows cast by secrets. The fire that claimed her family when she was just thirteen years old left her life scorched by mystery and loss. Raised by her grandparents amidst the embers of her past, Journey transformed her trauma into resolve, forging a path as an FBI special agent. But beneath her determined facade lies a lingering fear of fire and the unhealed scars of betrayal.

In a world of hidden flames, truth is her only weapon…. Read More


Secrets never rest in peace.

Haunted by a past that refuses to rest, FBI Special Agent Journey Russo faces a darkness deeper than any before. The discovery of a mass grave in an abandoned coal mine by two teenagers and their loyal dog pulls her back into the shadows she’s fought so hard to escape.

Beneath the earth, madness reigns. 

What lies in the mine’s heartrending silence is a tableau of terror—bodies distorted and intertwined in a gruesome embrace. Forensic analysis unveils a chilling pattern of death that stretches across the years. Read More


Ready, aim, die.

Barely twenty-four hours after tracking down a brutal serial killer, Special Agent Journey Russo is thrust into a different kind of hunt. This time, the stakes are much higher. Because the prey are innocents.

And all too human.

In less than two weeks, two families are found murdered in their homes, each victim fatally pierced by arrows. A mysterious feather left on each body serves as a haunting calling card, pointing to a new, sinister serial killer—one eerily reminiscent of the tragedy that decimated Journey’s family. Read More