Mary Stone - Fatal Secrets (Sky Stryker Series Book 1)

Fatal Secrets is Live!

Hello, Dear Readers,

Happy Friday! I hope you cleared your weekend for reading! 📕📕📕

Not only is it release day, but it’s a brand new series! Bella and I know that you’ll want to read this in one sitting, and fall in love with our new heroine to boot!

Today is the Official Release Day for Fatal Secrets (Sky Stryker Series: Book One) on Amazon!

If you pre-ordered Fatal Secrets, it should be ready for you on your Kindle.

If you didn’t, you can get it HERE and if you prefer paperback, click HERE.

In Hell’s Kitchen, secrets are as deadly as the shadows.

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In Hell’s Kitchen, secrets are as deadly as the shadows.

The gritty streets of Hell’s Kitchen are a far cry from the rural farm where Sky Stryker grew up. But here she is, eager to take the writing world by storm, diving deep into the treacherous waters of true crime to uncover the city’s hidden evils.

If she isn’t chewed up and spit out first.

Only five days after moving to the city, Sky attends her cousin’s prestigious, by-invitation-only fashion show during New York City’s Fashion Week. Though she’s more country bumpkin than fashionista, she’s… Read More