Mary Stone - Ellie Kline Series

Trouble might be her only name…

From an elite Charleston, South Carolina family, Officer Ellie Kline is the black sheep in the family. Her parents have always tried to protect her, especially since she was kidnapped at the tender age of fifteen. But with her eye on being promoted to Charleston PD detective, it’s her mission to protect and serve the people of her beloved, dignified city. And protect she does. She can’t help it if she goes overboard sometimes, losing partners and getting suspended… Read More


Say the words…
In a dark basement, a cold-blooded killer pits friend against friend, torturing one until the other says the horrible words that will end their friend’s suffering. He’s gotten away with murder for years. Until now…

Ellie Kline can’t remember most of her kidnapping when she was fifteen, but that night has shaped her life. Instead of cowering, that horrible night made her strong. Determined to prove herself as a cop despite being heir to the Kline fortune, she never backs down, and she never takes no for an answer. When the daring takedown of a suspect catapults her into the spotlight, it earns her a promotion…and the admiration of a killer… Read More


Hunt or be hunted…

On a farm in the backwoods of Charleston, South Carolina, a hunter stalks prey—the two legged kind. And it’s not the first time. New players have emerged in the underground human trafficking ring lurking in the shadows of the dignified city, ramping up the stakes.

Coming off the high of solving her first case as a Charleston PD detective, Ellie Kline has linked several Cold Cases together, leading her to the chilling discovery that a serial killer has been watching her for years… Read More


Monsters hide in the dark until it’s time to feed.

Puppets. Toys. That’s all his captives are to him. He’s the master, the one in complete control, and he’s planning on recreating the night he kidnapped Ellie when she was fifteen.

Ellie Kline’s life has never been the same since that night thirteen years ago. Now a detective in the Cold Case Division of Charleston Police Department, she’s compiled a mountain of evidence against a dirty detective, revealing betrayal within the department. Determined to reveal the truth, Ellie enlists the help of her best friend, CPD file clerk Jillian Reed, to help her prove she’s not just paranoid… Read More


Sometimes the prey eats the predator…

The only way to take his power from women is to kill. Lucky’s playground is America’s cold highways, and in twenty years he’s never been caught. Only perfected his skills, leaving countless victims in his dust.

Dr. Kingsley, the man who kidnapped Detective Ellie Kline when she was fifteen, is in the wind. But if he’s incapacitated and on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, has someone taken his place? Read More


Evil doesn’t always stay in its grave…

With The Master and his mistress hiding in the shadows, Charleston PD Detective Ellie Kline resumes the investigation of the dozen bodies found on Tucker Penland’s property. The man who hunted his prey has left behind a horrific mystery that affects the whole police department.

Every death tied to Tucker Penland raises more questions than answers, and Ellie must piece together clues to help identify each victim. Their families need closure. So does she. Read More


The deadliest monsters live outside the shadows…

Katarina, The Master’s protégé, is making a comeback one mark at a time, but she’s slowly losing her razor-sharp edge. Seeking revenge, she’s making bloody mistakes that just might cost her the one true desire of her heart.

When The Master—aka Dr. Kingsley, the monster who kidnapped Cold Case Detective Ellie Kline as a teen—surfaces, Ellie and Special Agent Clay Lockwood track him to Florida. Each new horrifying clue adds a new whirl to the circle of evil that’s growing wider and wider. Now, it’s circling back on itself… Read More


Revenge is a dish best served cold…

Since she was fifteen years old, one man has hovered in the background of Charleston Cold Case Detective Ellie Kline’s life, like a sinister ghost watching from the shadows. She nearly caught him once. Instead, she maimed him. Badly. As a result, Dr. Lawrence Kingsley retreated underground to lick his wounds and transform into a new façade of evil.

Ellie always knew that, sooner or later, the murderous psychiatrist would reappear. That time has come… Read More


The cold trail offers no place to hide…

On New Year’s Eve, Charleston Cold Case Detective Ellie Kline vows this will be the year she finally brings Dr. Lawrence Kingsley to justice. Not only did the elusive serial killer force her to play his twisted games as a teen, but his reign of terror has killed countless other victims and traumatized the few who survived… Read More


Kill or be killed…

Despite her blossoming relationship with Clay Lockwood, Charleston police detective Ellie Kline will never find her happily ever after until Dr. Lawrence Kingsley is locked away for good…or dead. Not only did the sociopathic psychiatrist kidnap Ellie when she was fifteen, the serial killer has murdered or traumatized everyone Ellie has sworn to protect. She’s no longer looking for justice…she’s looking for vengeance.

Now, with Kingsley’s protégé in a psych ward, it’s up to Ellie to find Katarina’s young daughter, Bethany, the latest victim of Kingsley’s monstrous machinations, before he kills again… Read More


Cross my heart and hope to die…

With the death of the serial killer who kidnapped and tortured her as a child, Charleston Police Detective Ellie Kline is finally free. But with a traumatized girl to care for and a new lead detective who questions both her mental health and her investigation techniques, Ellie’s problems are far from over.

When the body of a young man is found outside a downtown bar, Ellie is pulled off the cold case files and assigned to investigate the homicide. This isn’t a typical murder scene, but it’s one that’s chillingly familiar. The removal of the victim’s heart and the letters C and K written in the victim’s blood indicate the work of a serial killer who chooses one victim per year…on Valentine’s Day… Read More


It’s judgment day…

Charleston police detective Ellie Kline has been skating on thin ice since she overrode protocol to stop the Cupid Killer. But when a former drug dealer turned family man is knifed to death, her new boss pulls her in on the case.

The new lead detective is convinced it’s just another gang-related murder. But this was intimate. Savage. Personal. And exactly like the homicide of another low-level gang member who’d recently been released from prison… Read More


The best-laid plans. The deadliest intentions.

Charleston Detective Ellie Kline should be enjoying her vacation, but instead, she becomes involved in a sinister game of cat and mouse. Suspended from duty and at odds with her FBI boyfriend, a retreat to the sleepy town of Goose Creek, South Carolina, seems like the perfect opportunity to relax with family and heal their relationship.

She should have known better… Read More


On a crash course with death.

Ellie Kline’s return to the world of crime investigation is heralded by two unexpected texts. The first bears unsettling news from her mother…a family friend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident, suicide, or foul play?

Before Ellie can process this family tragedy, the second text arrives, jolting her back into professional mode. The Charleston Police Department, grappling with a case that could shake the city’s upper crust, lifts Ellie’s suspension but pairs her with a partner to investigate the case Read More