Mary Stone - Descent into Madness (A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Series)

Descent into Madness is Live!

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It is the official release day for Descent into Madness (A Villain’s Story: Book Six) on Amazon!

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The devil has come to take his dues.

Deputy Justice Hall, still riding high in the aftermath of bringing down the infamous machine gun killer, faces a jarring return to reality. A homeless man, brutally murdered with his tongue savagely cut out, is just the beginning. And this isn’t just any victim…he’s a young man who once sought Justice’s help.

Yet another person he’s failed.

Plagued by guilt, Justice hates himself for dismissing the drug-addled man’s panicked story. After all, his frantic claims of a devil wielding a dart gun, haunting their makeshift community, seemed far-fetched at the time. Read More