Author Mary Stone
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Deadly Games is live! 

Deadly Games by Mary Stone and Bella Cross

"So far the best book in the series. The plot is original and I love this mixture of suspense, romance and quirkiness." --Amazon review

Book three in the Kylie Hatfield Series is live!

Digging up the past can be deadly...

Adam Hatfield disappeared from Kylie and her mother’s lives when she was only four days old. Had he only been playing games when he made a family? Or was there something more sinister at play?

Kylie Hatfield, assistant private investigator extraordinaire, has it made. Mostly. But something is missing. A born digger, Kylie isn’t one to let a mystery stay a mystery, and her father’s disappearance is quickly becoming the most important case she’s ever tried to solve.

She needs closure before she can fully commit to Linc Coulter, the former Army MP and search and rescue hero whose new mission is to protect Kylie from herself. But you can’t protect what you can’t find. And Kylie has, once again, chased a mystery into dangerous territory.

When she finds her father, Adam Hatfield may seem like a successful billionaire on the surface, but something lurks beneath. Something dangerous and deadly that soon makes Kylie wish she hadn’t learned the awful truth.

Turns out, digging up the past is not a game at all.

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