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Deadly act is live! 

Deadly Act by Mary Stone and Bella Cross

I'm so pleased to announce that the first book in my brand new series is live! This is my collaboration with Bella Cross. It was great fun to write with her. I think you'll love it!

Kylie’s new job is turning out to be a real killer...

When quiet, unassuming Jessica Hilyard mysteriously disappears, Kylie Hatfield promises Jessica’s sister she’ll find her. So what if she’s technically just the office assistant at Starr Investigations? It’s the perfect opportunity to prove to her boss she has what it takes to become a real private investigator.

But when the evidence starts to link Jessica’s disappearance to a dangerous serial killer, everyone warns Kylie to back off the case—the police, her boss, and Linc Coulter, the maddeningly sexy ex-soldier who’s training (or trying to train) her nutty Newfoundland dog, Vader, and making Kylie crazy in the process. But nothing’s going to stop Kylie from becoming a full-fledged private investigator...not even the threat of an unexpected murderer, who wants to take more than just her life.

By turns humorous, romantic, and downright chilling, Deadly Act, the first book in the Kylie Hatfield Series, will delight fans of Kendra Elliott, Melinda Leigh, and Rachel Caine.

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