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Dark Silence is live!

Dark Silence by Mary Stone

Hello, dear readers,

Charli #5 is live!

I'm happy to announce that it is Release Day for Dark Silence (Charli Cross Series: Book Five).

Donna and I gave Charli and team drive-by random shootings to deal with this time around...a scary idea, since we all must leave our homes sometimes.

Dark Silence (Charli Cross Series: Book Five) is live on Amazon!

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😱 Silence is the most terrifying scream...

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Silence is the most terrifying scream...

When the beloved minister of a small inner-city church is killed in a drive-by shooting while delivering sandwiches to the homeless, Savannah Homicide Detective Charli Cross is on the case. Who would want to kill a man who does so much good? And why?

More importantly...was the pastor targeted or chosen at random?

While Charli and her partner, Detective Matthew Church, attempt to answer those questions, another shooting occurs...and then another. Soon, the town is terrified, and rightfully so. With each death, nothing will calm its citizens except catching the so-called "Savannah sniper" before he strikes again.

But how? With no links to connect the victims and no leads except for some grainy video footage and vague witness reports, they have no idea who his next victim will be, or when.

As the body count rises, Charli knows one thing for certain. There’s nothing more dangerous than a killer with nothing to lose.

Suspenseful and unpredictable, Dark Silence is the fifth book in the Charli Cross Series from bestselling author Mary Stone and Donna Berdel. Think words are powerful? You might want to think again.

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