Author Mary Stone
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Dark Power is live! 

Dark Power by Mary Stone

Knowledge is power. But power can be deadly.

Practical and fact-driven, Detective Charli Cross never imagined she’d hear the word voodoo in connection with a police investigation. That was before a body is discovered on top of a grave while a zombie-like man wanders the same cemetery...and they're both holding voodoo dolls.

What do a shady drug dealer and a retired bus driver have in common, and why does someone want them dead? Is voodoo’s dark power at work, or something even more sinister?

Charli and her partner Matthew are determined to uncover the truth. But it’s one step forward and two steps back as they delve deeper into the case and search for the legendary but elusive voodoo priestess who might hold the key to the mystery.

When the dark magic is turned on Charli, though, it’s about to get personal...and deadly.

Eerie and macabre, Dark Power is the third book in the Charli Cross Series from bestselling author Mary Stone that will make you fear the dark...and the light.

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