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dark obsession is live!

Dark Obsession by Mary Stone

Happy Release Day!

Dark Obsession (Charli Cross Series: Book Six) is now live on Amazon!

Donna and I are SO excited for you to read the next installment in Charli's series.

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When love turns into obsession, the result is deadly.

Being sidelined after her last assignment has allowed Savannah Detective Charli Cross too much time to think. So when she’s called to a new murder case, she’s relieved to trade her preoccupation over the threatening letters she’s received for a double homicide investigation.

Her relief doesn’t last long.

Nothing could have prepared Charli for the gruesome scene she and her partner find at a local park. A teenage couple have been slain, their throats slit and their naked bodies posed on a blanket. The motive remains unclear...until they discover one of the victims had a stalker.

Case closed?

Maybe not.

When another couple—this one newly engaged—is brutally murdered, Charli knows that not all is as it seems. But if their suspect isn’t their killer, then who is targeting young lovers? And why?

And more importantly, can she catch this maniac before they strike again?

Get your ebook copy now by clicking HERE.
If you prefer paperback click HERE.