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Dark Malice by Mary Stone

In the face of malice, evil is spawned.

Savannah Police Detective Charli Cross thought she’d seen it all. But when Charli and her partner, Matthew Church, are called in on a missing persons report from a local funeral home, she realizes this may be the most bizarre and perplexing case yet. Not only are three funeral home employees missing, but one left her car in the funeral home parking lot overnight. Stranger still, the cremator was filled with the ashes of two people, even though all the funeral home’s "guests" are accounted for.

Where are the missing employees? Who was burned to ash? And why?

As Charli and Matthew investigate, the questions continue to stack up. With no DNA evidence to identify the cremains, their only clue is a diary filled with cryptic descriptions and video footage that’s as mysterious as the case itself.

When the puzzle pieces begin to fit together, one thing becomes clear. The closer Charli gets to the killer, the more certain she is that she or her partner might be the next one to burn.

By turns riveting and disconcerting, Dark Malice is the fourth book in the Charli Cross Series from bestselling author Mary Stone—guaranteed to make you think twice before you make a deal with the devil.

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