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DARK BET is live!

Dark Bet by Mary Stone

Hello, dear readers,

It's Release Day for Dark Bet (Charli Cross Series: Book Seven). It's now live on Amazon!

Donna and I are SO excited for you to read the next installment in Charli's series.

If you pre-ordered it, check your device to see if Amazon already delivered it to you.

😱 Murder holds the winning hand. 😱

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Murder holds the winning hand.

After obtaining a signed confession from the murderer on her last case, Detective Charli Cross was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Instead, she returns to a ransacked home, and later discovers a chilling threat—secured to her door with a butcher knife.

Will she ever get a moment of peace?

The investigation of these personal threats is put on hold when the body of an elderly woman is discovered in Bonaventure Cemetery— the very place where Charli's best friend was kidnapped from years before. Why would anyone kill a sweet, seventy-year-old lady whose only vice appears to be her love of gambling?

A brick of heroin Charli finds on the woman’s front porch offers a clue. But nothing adds up. Was the murder a deal gone bad, a botched robbery, or something far worse?

When a second victim is killed in the same cemetery days later, it points toward a chilling pattern. Charli needs to decipher the rules of this lethal game before the stakes reach unprecedented heights. The gamble? Life itself.

Adrenaline-charged and mind-bending, Dark Bet is the seventh book in the Charli Cross Series from best-selling author Mary Stone—guaranteed to keep you awake at night. You can bet on it.

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