Crossing the Line by Mary Stone

Crossing the Line is Live!

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Happy Release Day! Today is the official release day for Crossing the Line (A Villain’s Story: Book Three) on Amazon!

There is a fine line between justice and murder.

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There’s a fine line between justice and murder.

The more lowlifes Deputy Justice Hall kills, the easier it gets. What’s not so easy? Investigating his own crime scene. That’s a challenge he never anticipated, especially since his colleagues at the Elmaeder County Sheriff’s Office can never know that he sometimes replaces his badge with a judge’s gavel.

And an executioner’s hood.

They also can’t discover that the last man Justice killed is part of a group called the Syndicate, a gang responsible for selling a deadly drug known as Pinecones. That’s because he’s tracking down the Syndicate’s mastermind so he can deliver his own special brand of justice.

If he can find him first… Read More