Author Mary Stone
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Cold death is live! 

Cold Death by Mary Stone and Donna Berdel

Kill or be killed...

Despite her blossoming relationship with Clay Lockwood, Charleston police detective Ellie Kline will never find her happily ever after until Dr. Lawrence Kingsley is locked away for good...or dead. Not only did the sociopathic psychiatrist kidnap Ellie when she was fifteen, the serial killer has murdered or traumatized everyone Ellie has sworn to protect. She’s no longer looking for justice...she’s looking for vengeance.

Now, with Kingsley’s protégé in a psych ward, it’s up to Ellie to find Katarina’s young daughter, Bethany, the latest victim of Kingsley’s monstrous machinations, before he kills again.

But there’s nothing Kingsley loves more than a game of cat and mouse, with Ellie as his unwilling opponent. Before long, Ellie is drawn into the doctor’s twisted game as he leaves her clues that lead her on a dangerous hunt—one that could finally put an end to Kingsley...or to Ellie and everyone she loves.

Lock your doors, steel yourself, and hold on tight for Cold Death, the bone-chillingly nerve-racking and thrilling conclusion to the Ellie Kline Series.

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