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It’s release day! 🤩🤩🤩

Cold Crash (Ellie Kline Series: Book Thirteen) is now available on Amazon. If you pre-ordered the eBook, check your Kindle! ❤️️

Donna and I have the CPD lifting Ellie’s suspension… with a twist. She has to have a partner on her new case. Ellie’s not much of a “partner” type gal, but we’re forcing her to live with it for now. 🤭

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On a crash course with death.

Ellie Kline’s return to the world of crime investigation is heralded by two unexpected texts. The first bears unsettling news from her mother…a family friend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident, suicide, or foul play?

Before Ellie can process this family tragedy, the second text arrives, jolting her back into professional mode. The Charleston Police Department, grappling with a case that could shake the city’s upper crust, lifts Ellie’s suspension but pairs her with a partner to investigate the case.

A lone ranger at heart, Ellie isn’t pleased Read More