Mary Stone - Charli Cross Series

Some must journey through the dark to find the light…

Calm, cool, and collected Charli Cross didn’t dream of being a Savannah police detective when she was a little girl. In fact, with her tiny frame, she would have been better suited for just about any other career. Fate had other ideas, though, and nineteen-year-old Charli’s unquenchable curiosity and inescapable guilt took her on a dark journey to save others…and herself… Read More


Everyone has a purpose. Some are just darker than others.

Always calm, cool, and collected, Savannah PD Detective Charli Cross compensates for her petite five-foot frame with an impenetrable exterior and pragmatic competence. It’s an approach that catapulted her to the rank of detective at twenty-three and contributes to her and her partner’s unequaled murder clearance rate. But when a bird-watching couple discover the remains of a teenage girl stuffed in a storage container, Charli’s composure starts to crack… Read More


Jealousy is evil. Greed is deadly.

When a young man is found hanging inside a barn, it seems like an open-and-shut suicide. But the boy in question is none other than Bryce Mowery, son and only heir of the richest family in Savannah, and Bryce’s father is claiming foul play. Much to her chagrin, Detective Charli Cross is sent to investigate and appease the farm and real estate magnate.

But soon, it’s no longer a question of if Bryce was killed, but by who… Read More


Knowledge is power. But power can be deadly.

Practical and fact-driven, Detective Charli Cross never imagined she’d hear the word voodoo in connection with a police investigation. That was before a body is discovered on top of a grave while a zombie-like man wanders the same cemetery…and they’re both holding voodoo dolls.

What do a shady drug dealer and a retired bus driver have in common, and why does someone want them dead? Is voodoo’s dark power at work, or something even more sinister? Read More


In the face of malice, evil is spawned.

Savannah Police Detective Charli Cross thought she’d seen it all. But when Charli and her partner, Matthew Church, are called in on a missing persons report from a local funeral home, she realizes this may be the most bizarre and perplexing case yet. Not only are three funeral home employees missing, but one left her car in the funeral home parking lot overnight. Stranger still, the cremator was filled with the ashes of two people, even though all the funeral home’s “guests” are accounted for… Read More


Silence is the most terrifying scream…

When the beloved minister of a small inner-city church is killed in a drive-by shooting while delivering sandwiches to the homeless, Savannah Homicide Detective Charli Cross is on the case. Who would want to kill a man who does so much good? And why?

More importantly…was the pastor targeted or chosen at random? Read More


When love turns into obsession, the result is deadly.

Being sidelined after her last assignment has allowed Savannah Detective Charli Cross too much time to think. So when she’s called to a new murder case, she’s relieved to trade her preoccupation over the threatening letters she’s received for a double homicide investigation.

Her relief doesn’t last long… Read More


Murder holds the winning hand.

After obtaining a signed confession from the murderer on her last case, Detective Charli Cross was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Instead, she returns to a ransacked home, and later discovers a chilling threat—secured to her door with a butcher knife.

Will she ever get a moment of peace? Read More


Hey little kid, want some candy?

Still on bereavement leave and dreading her upcoming birthday—a byproduct of the kidnapping and murder of her best friend in high school—Detective Charli Cross doesn’t feel much like celebrating. She’d much prefer being called in to investigate a reported homicide at a neighborhood playground. Until she realizes the young woman murdered was the nanny of the four-year-old son of a wealthy business mogul and a federal judge.

And the boy is missing… Read More


Safety is an illusion. Danger is real.

Detective Charli Cross can’t escape the haunting image of her partner’s truck exploding right before her eyes. Was the bomb meant for him? Or for her? The cryptic messages from the man who kidnapped and murdered her best friend ten years ago suggest a more chilling answer.

Charli knows the clock is ticking. And she’s got a target on her back.

With her partner in the hospital, Charli doubles down on… Read More