Storm's Target by Mary Stone

Storm’s Target is Live

Hunting season is open, and humans are the game. From the wickedly dark minds of Mary Stone and Amy Wilson comes Storm’s Target, book eleven of the Amelia Storm Series. Now live on Amazon!

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Shadow's Flame - Mary Stone

Shadow’s Flame is Live!

From the tense beginning to the explosive conclusion, Shadow’s Flame—the eleventh book in the Shadow Island Series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes—will draw you in like a moth to a flame. Just don’t get burned.

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Last Sinner by Mary Stone

Last Sinner is Live!

Hate the sin. Kill the sinner.

It’s release day! I’m so excited that Emma Last is back. She is such a joy to write and I hope she’s just as entertaining to read! Today is the Official Release Day for Last Sinner (Emma Last Series: Book Six) on Amazon!

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Killer Blast is Live

Killer Blast is Live!

Happy Release Day! Stella is back and she’s in quite an explosive situation. ✈️️😱 Today is the Official Release Day for Killer Blast (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book Ten) on Amazon! If you pre-ordered your copy, check your Kindle. It should already be there. You can start reading right

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Shadow’s Darkness is Live!

Hello, dear readers, Happy release day! Yes, that’s right, Shadow’s Darkness (Shadow Island Series: Book Ten) is now available on Amazon. If you pre-ordered, check your Kindle!  This time we give Rebecca cases that, on the surface would seem like suicides, but Rebecca’s gut tells her otherwise. You can get

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Crossing the Line by Mary Stone

Crossing the Line is Live!

Happy Release Day! Today is the official release day for Crossing the Line (A Villain’s Story: Book Three) on Amazon!

The truth doesn’t always set you free…

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Last Chance by Mary Stone

Last Chance is Live!

One of my absolutely favorite characters, Emma Last, is back again! This time she’s sharing her visions with her friend and co-worker. There’s more to that bombshell than meets the eye.

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Shadow's Mystery by Mary Stone

Shadow’s Mystery is Live!

Happy release day! Did you grab your copy of Shadow’s Mystery (Shadow Island Series: Book Nine) yet? If you pre-ordered, check your Kindle! 😁

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Winter's Shock by Mary Stone

Winter’s Shock is Live!

Happy Release Day!

I’m thrilled to share that today is the official release day for Winter’s Shock (Winter Black Series Season Two: Book Three).

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Mary Stone Publishing

The Hunting Grounds is Live!

Hailed as the hero of Elmaeder County Sheriff’s Department for capturing the infamous da Vinci serial killer, Detective Justice Hall harbors a dark secret: he’s a killer himself…

And since he’s started taking lives again—even in the name of justice—he can’t escape the recurring nightmares of his traumatic past.

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